We at Trojan Buildings offer premier housing very close to campus. They are perfect for college students attending USC.

Just see what our actual tenants have to say about us:

I used to live in a building that had no concern for my well-being or for my property. I then was fortunate to find the Trojan Terrace Apartments where I've had a fantastic experience. Furthermore, I feel absolutely safe with the CCTV hooked up throughout the complex. I could not recommend a better place to live than the Trojan Terrace Apartments.

-- Jesjit B.
Trojan Terrace
Living at Trojan Plaza has been a dream come true! The location is perfect and within walking distance to USC campus. I am proud to call Trojan Plaza my home away from home and I simply couldn't ask for a better living experience.

-- Lauren B.
Trojan Plaza
Trojan Plaza was by far the best housing I have had while attending USC. Not only is Trojan Plaza closer to campus than most other buildings, it is extremely safe, quiet and clean. One of the biggest advantages Trojan Plaza has over other buildings, however, is having the on-site manager, Josh. If the power goes out, or you have a leaky faucet, Josh will fix it, and it's almost always done the same day. Very few buildings provide that type of service -- it's a huge relief to know that you will always be well taken care of.

-- Rissa R.
Trojan Plaza